We're all having too much sugar

Our kids might seem fine on the outside, but too much sugar can cause tooth decay and lead to the build up of harmful fat on the inside that we can't see. This fat around their vital organs can cause serious disease in the future, like:

Kids are consuming THREE times more sugar than they should be*

The problem is that sugar is often lurking in our kids' food and drink, and the biggest source is sugary drinks.

*Based on the maximum daily added sugar recommendation

Sugary drinks have no place in a child's daily diet

Around 30% of the sugar in kids' diets comes from sugary drinks, such as fizzy pop, juice drinks, squashes, cordials, energy drinks and juice.

More sugar than anyone should have in a day!

So how much is too much?

The maximum daily amounts of added sugar* are:

4-6 years

5 cubes max*
or 19 grams

7-10 years

6 cubes max*
or 24 grams

11+ years

7 cubes max*
or 30 grams

What do we mean by added sugar?

When we talk about added sugar, we mean sugar that has been added to food and drink to sweeten it. It could be added:

  • By a food manufacturer
  • By a cook or chef when you eat out or get a takeaway
  • By you, if you add sugar to your food and drink at home (like your cereal or hot drinks, and while cooking)

It doesn't just mean the spoonful of sugar you add to your tea. It also includes:

  • Honey
  • Syrups
  • Fruit juice nectars

You don't need to worry about the sugar in plain milk, plain yoghurts and whole fruit and veg as this isn't added sugar.

What about the sugar in fruit and veg?

Although they can contain a lot of sugar, you don't need to worry about the sugar in fruit and veg because they:

  • Have lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Are a great source of fibre
  • Count towards your 5 A DAY

But, watch out for fruit juice and smoothies!

Fruit juice and smoothies are sugary but still count towards your 5 A DAY, so remember to:

  • Limit the amount to no more than 150ml a day
  • Keep it to mealtimes as it can cause tooth decay

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It's important for older kids and grown-ups too

Kids aged over 11 and grown-ups should have no more than 7 cubes of added sugar a day.

Be a role model

Kids will copy you, so if they see you eating and drinking more healthily, they will too.

Get the kids cooking

Get your kids' help with preparing healthier snacks. They are more likely to eat it if they've helped prepare it!

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